Why Software Developers “Go Native”

Why Software Developers “Go Native”

What do you use your smartphone for?


Maybe you use calendars, to-do lists, and accountability apps to both plan your day and help you navigate it quickly and easily. Maybe you’re taking the bus to work and the commute is just so much easier when you can watch your favorite TV show or listen to that playlist of Broadway musicals. Maybe your kid has a doctor’s appointment and the only way to keep him from making the waiting room look like it was hit by tornado is to distract him with a game featuring birds or zombies or zombie-birds. All that matters to you is that your favorite applications work – and work well! You might not know that one of the reasons why that zombie-bird game works so well is because the developers used the native coding language of the platform (Java on Android and Objective-C on iOS).


Software developers like CodigoDelSur build either native or hybrid/cross-platform applications. There are a few benefits of a hybrid app such as it’s cheaper for the developer to make and it allows the customer to use it on both a mobile device and on a web browser. But there are several reasons why the benefits of native apps trump that. Here are three reasons why native iOS and Android development is better than cross platform development:


  1. Native development makes much more reliable applications. Consumers can depend on them to have fewer bugs.


  1. The software is versatile. It can be easily adapted, updated, and improved.


  1. Native development applications are more user-friendly for the average consumer.


Whether you use your phone to plan your day, educate or entertain yourself (or your kids!), there are software developers behind those apps who are figuring out what’s best, convenient, and optimal for consumers just like you!

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