On September 28, 2015, six years after its initial release, was the stable release of Google’s open-source web application framework, Angular.js (Angular or AngularJS). This model-view-controller and model-view-viewmodel architecture is used for Google resources such as Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Google Tips, Google Retail and Google Cloud Playground.

Angular isn’t limited to Google applications. Many “big name” companies use it, including familiar social sites like Indiegogo, finance (PayPal), news sources (Forbes, CNN and MSNBC), photography websites (Getty Images and iStockPhoto), travel sites (United Airlines and Virgin America airlines), business (GoDaddy), reference sites like Ancestry.com, fitness sites like BodyBuilding.com, entertainment (the Webby Awards and YouTube’s video manager), the Weather Channel’s site, shopping sites (Best Buy, Walgreens, Costco, Old Navy) and education apps and websites such as Elevate, Lynda and Udacity.
Codigo Del Sur has used the Angular.js framework to develop several apps:

  1. Logo Works (logoworks.com). This online graphic design agency has created over 200,000 logos for more than 50,000 clients!
  2. Kersplody (www.kersplody.com). Kersplody, a Cyber Integration Platform, helps various companies share cyber detections and analyzers. The website is currently under development as the company works to add more content.
  3. MyBooking (mybooking.com). Currently under construction, this iOS and Web project aims to revolutionize searches for available hotels.
  4. Invoice Me (http://cds-invoice-me.herokuapp.com/). “Register all of your business invoices in one place” with Invoice Me. With additional help from the Firebase framework, this Angular.js app is a free, open source invoice registry.

Angular is “gaining traction” in the industry according to reviewers such as Wintellect. According to its website, this clean, easily understood code has already been adopted by millions of developers. More are expected in the wake of the 2.0 release!

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