What to Like About Sharalike

What to Like About Sharalike

Presenting the photo sharing application to end all photo sharing applications—or at least it’s the photo sharing application to end your search for the best photo sharing application! We´ve been working on Sharalike for almost a year now with our awesome client, and we´d love to share with you guys a little more about the photo sharing app that has over 600,000 users!


It’s old news—boring old news—to simply stick your photos and videos into a digital album filed by the date. With Sharalike you can get creative! Here’s how:


Step 1: Pick your favorite pics and vids from your mobile device.


Step 2: Choose a theme! Summer Vacation? The Wilson-Winchester Wedding? Sassy Selfies? The Kids’ First Day of School?


Step 3: Find some accompaniment. Choose a song from your own library or from Sharalike and add some great background music to your “Smart Show”!


Step 4: Wait a couple seconds while Sharalike creates an animated HTML slideshow out of your media.


Step 5: Share your new creation on Pinterest, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, or email it.


Search no more! Compare no more! Struggle no more with choices and let Sharalike’s automatic features do all of the work! This is the photo sharing app for you. Check out Sharalike in the iTunes App Store, and you’ll have a beautiful slideshow to share only a few minutes from “now”!


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