Twitter has released better adjustable photo filters for iOS and Android users. This update will replace the existing photo filter option, which has been reported as clumsy and cumbersome. Released in 2012, Twitter’s filtering option came as a reaction to the fad of altering photos made popular by Instagram. From sepia to black and white and beyond, filters became an integral part of social media.

However, Twitter introduced this new feature in a way that was no-so effective. They split the user screen into nine thumbnails, each showing the users’ photo with a different filter. But they were tiny, hard to see and had to be enlarged for inspection and swiped between for comparisons. It was a more extensive process than users had patience for.

Luckily, Twitter’s new filtering system will be introduced for iOS and Android devices this week. There is now one row of filters than users tap through until they find whichever one they like the best. There are eight different filters available. By double tapping, the filter strength can be increased or decreased.

Due to the increasing popularity of posting and sharing photos, Twitter expects this filtering function to be used frequently. It is important to note however, that this new feature is almost identical to that of Instagram. Twitter might lack originality, but at least the company knows what works, what’s trending and how to meet the demand of their users.
Photos are more often shared through social media than anything text-based. The engagement of photos makes Twitters new, better filtering function a good move for the company. In fact, if the company can match Instagram’s convenience and filtering options, it has the chance to increase users and their loyalty to the ever-growing social media network.

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