The Top 5 Tech Predictions for 2016

The Top 5 Tech Predictions for 2016

In 2015, the average consumer was able to access numerous modernizations such as wearable devices like the Apple Watch, 3D Printers, Cloud Computing, Virtual Reality, and Drones. Those technologies are likely to continue improving in 2016, but experts also predict the rise of five other innovations: 

  1. Smartphones Will Replace More Bank Cards and Credit Cards The number of stores and restaurants that let customers pay with their phone instead of a plastic card is gaining momentum fast. Pretty soon consumers will just leave their credit cards at home. 
  1. Social Media Platforms Will Sell Merchandise Directly Many businesses big and small use social media websites like Facebook and Twitter to advertise their products and services. In 2016, customers will be able to make purchases directly from those accounts. 
  1. More Restaurants Will Have Mobile Ordering Apps Quick-service restaurants (QSRs) are a step quicker than fast food, and polls in 2015 prove that they increase profits. According to reports from places like Taco Bell and Starbucks, consumers tend to spend approximately 20% more money on food and beverages when they order it using their smartphone. 
  1. Self-Driving Vehicles Will Be More Common Experts expect that so many self-driving cars will be on the roads this time next year that countries and states will have to pass legislature determining the new rules of the roads. 
  1. More Cars Will Be Connected to the Internet Superseding experts’ projections a year ago, an estimated 35%-45% of brand new cars sent to the United States in 2015 had the ability to connect to the internet. In 2016 that number could go as high as 65%-75%.

For the foreseeable future, technology will continue to be about connecting people and technology easier and faster. Smartphones will be connected to banks, social media platforms directly to businesses, and cars to other cars! Technology will continue to make living more convenient and productive.

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