The Top 3 Tools for Collaboration

The Top 3 Tools for Collaboration

Collaboration at its best is efficient, effective, and fruitful! That only happens when everyone on the team understands what’s expected of them, cooperates, pulls their own weight, remains open to new ideas, and aims for the same goals. In short, everybody needs to be on the same page!


Take a look at your smartphone. How many apps do you use to communicate with your business team? First there’s your email account, then your calendar, and then your to do list. There’s a file-sharing program, video conferencing app, and a variety of instant messaging options. It is a wonder you don’t get dizzy switching back and forth between them! Before your next collaboration meeting, ask yourself this: how can you and your team be on the same page when your tools aren’t?


Here are three apps that will put your tools “on the same page,” and your team as well!


  1. Glip puts “harmony in productivity.” It is a real time, hi-res, searchable instant messaging app that syncs everyone’s calendars, creates a public to do list, and allows the team to share notes, videos, and pictures all at the same time.
  2. Slack is an intuitive app that will “change the way you communicate.” In addition to the tools that Glip provides, Slack lets you organize topics with tags, and file and categorize the most important conversations.
  3. Hall is Glip + Slack + bank-worthy security features. While your team is chatting one on one or as a group, sharing links and files in-house or with clients, it keeps you “in the know” and hackers out of it!


Once you choose the best app for you and your company, recruit the rest of your team! It is the first and best step to getting both your tools and your team on the same page and on your way to a successful collaboration.

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