The Top 2 Ways Social Apps Have Changed the World

The Top 2 Ways Social Apps Have Changed the World

Social apps connect people who never would’ve met. Not that we’re psychic, but it’s safe to say that person A in Rio never would’ve met person B in Paris who loves the same TV show if not for social apps that unite people with similar interests. Take Skout, for example. Every day this app’s 220 million users expand their social network. Person A announces her favorite TV show and gets instantly connected with person B, C, D, etc.


Social apps have changed the way we communicate. 30 years ago you basically had two options for communication in addition to face-to-face: phones and snail mail. 15 years ago email and chats were the popular choice. Nowadays, thanks to social apps, there are hundreds of options. A favorite option of many, including notable names such as Jimmy Fallon, Stan Lee, and Sting, is the video social app Weev. Weev, “the social video that talks back,” enables users to make quick video messages. With this app conversations are far more fun than simple texting could ever be!


Check out the iTunes store to get both Skout and Weev—for free! Meet person B and start a video conversation today.


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