The relationship between technology and the healthcare industry resembles the doctor and his patient. The patient lists his symptoms such as coughing, fever, and an upset stomach. The doctor listens to the problems, runs tests, determines a diagnosis, and (hopefully) prescribes a cure!

Similarly, the healthcare industry shares its issues with technology. “We need to record patients’ breathing rates,” “we need a way for adult children to monitor their elderly parents’ medications,” or “physicians need a convenient way to learn about new advances in the field” it says. Technology, like a doctor, listens, nods a few times, and then gets busy. It comes up with new sensors, new mobile apps, new digital classrooms, etc., all designed to make the world healthier.

Technology has assisted healthcare in remarkable ways. Several mobile apps developed by CodigoDelSur have contributed to the industry and, subsequently, directly to maintaining and improving your physical health:

Kindara is a “fertility awareness” app that helps women calculate ovulation cycles, chart temperatures, and other relevant stats.

With You+ users can track eating habits and sleep patterns, exercise routines and nutrition, insulin efficiency and general health goals.

The Lively app is for senior citizens and anyone limited by illness or disability. Loved ones can use it to make sure medications are taken and meals are eaten, among other features.

RadU teaches and trains radiology students and professionals using video courses, seminars, and a variety of quizzes.

3D Baby Pregnancy Tracker & Calendar lets expecting mothers see what their babies look like as they grow in utero.

MedicScanGo uploads medical insurance information directly to an iPhone or iPad, including names, identification numbers, and addresses.

Ideally, as healthcare improves alongside technology, we’ll get to the point where patients will go to doctors with zero complaints, and the industry will need technology to maintain good health as opposed to fixing it. Get started on improving your own health with mobile apps! Download these apps today!

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