The Benefits of Amazon Web Services

The Benefits of Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services, the company’s cloud computing platform, launched in 2006. Household names like Netflix, Samsung, Pfizer, Pacific Life Insurance, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Lionsgate, Comcast, Nokia, Yelp, Airbnb, Expedia, Foursquare Adobe, Pinterest, and Zynga all benefit from AWS, and those benefits include the following:

1) AWS support any size workload. Whether your business is big or small, whether you are dealing with a simple game or managing big data, Amazon Web Services will accommodate your needs.

2) Pay for what you use—no more. Unlike other platforms that require big bucks for big cloud computing packages full of services you may or may not need, AWS uses an “a la carte” type menu. Customers have complete control over the amount of storage and computing power they purchase.

3) You can use familiar tools. Using Amazon Web Services does not require having to learn something new. Java, Python, and PHP are all adaptable, as are hardware configurations like Windows and Linux and apps like SAP and SharePoint.

4) Dependability is topnotch. While the Amazon Web Services are used all over the world, that does not mean that a system failure in Europe will mean trouble for South America. Multiple secure environments on different continents ensure secure, dedicated connectivity.

5) Automated services. Automation increases productivity. AWS has a number of such services to make business run smoothly. For example, it automatically archives any unused systems so that they do not slow down the active ones.

6) No upfront costs! The first tier of services is free!

Amazon boasts that its web services make experimentation “easy and low risk,” and they are both a quick and cheap alternative to physical servers. Add “easy,” “quick” and “cheap” to the benefits listed above, and what company wouldn’t want to take advantage of this cloud platform?

At CodigoDelSur we know AWS is awesome, so we use it for most of our projects!

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