The 10th edition of our React newsletter!

The 10th edition of our React newsletter!


By Juan Andrés

Welcome to the tenth React Newsletter!

This newsletter is a summary of the latest news in the React world and a place to showcase noteworthy React developments made in CodigoDelSur.

Even though we have our knowledge base where there’s many organized knowledge, with this newsletter we can give better visibility to events, articles, libraries and other aspects.

As an end of the year review, npm has published a series of articles detailing the usage of their packages. Several interesting trends can be observed that can be useful to get a better knowledge of the current state of React and related frameworks.

Check out this impressive chart:

React can be seen as very popular and still growing, and Apollo had an explosive growth throughout last year.

For more in depth information, view the 3-part series here.

  • Array explorer: Mastering arrays is an extremely useful skill every JavaScript developer should strive to have. This small and excellent website allows developers to find the correct functions without having to dig through the documentation. Also check out the Object explorer.
  • JavaScript30: Free vanilla JavaScript 30-day course. Created by Wes Bos, this course is meant for new and experienced developers that want to have a solid base when using JavaScript.
Performance in React is something all developers should keep an eye on. While React runs at amazing speeds and provides powerful optimization features out-of-the-box, developers can eventually hit performance issues.
  • Dragging React performance forward: In-depth article detailing how to fix performance problems on a drag and drop control. It includes several gotchas and strategies that can be applied to many different scenarios.
  • React shouldComponentUpdate demystified: Mastering the lifecycle of any programming language is a key skill to be able to use the full power they provide, and React is no exception. In this article, shouldComponentUpdate is analyzed and explained so that users can start taking advantage of it to improve performance.

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