The Technology behind the Shared Economy

The Technology behind the Shared Economy

Parents measure their infants’ growth in little victories. The upgrade from liquid to solid

foods is one accomplishment. That discernable first word is always a crowd pleaser,

whether it’s “mama,” “dada,” “yes,” “no,” “please,” or “teacups.” That first rollover, and

that first crawl, and that first step are worth celebrating, and potty-training is an absolute

triumph! But there’s another lesson every one of every age must learn to function in any

society. You have to learn to share!

While children get the idea to share their cookies after watching Sesame Street, tech-

savvy adults are checking out new apps that help them share their lawn equipment,

their cars, and even their houses! This trend is known as the “sharing economy” or

“collaborative consumption.” Because of modern mobile apps that connect peers to

each other, this revolution of lending, renting and borrowing is gradually replacing

traditional buying and owning.

You can add “shared economy” to the list of reasons why you’re thankful for technology!

If you’re interested in getting involved in or finding out more about this business

concept, download these apps on your mobile phone:

Sidecar, Uber and Lyft are ridesharing apps. They connect you with independent

drivers who use their own cars, which means that they charge less than a cab, and give

you the option to know how much the trip will cost before you take it.

Yerdle and Spinlister are like second-hand stores that accept IOUs instead of cash.

Rather than buying new toys, skis, bikes, or camping gear you’ll rarely use, you can

borrow or make a trade.

Explore these apps and more to see what you can borrow today. And don’t forget to

share your cookies!

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