Slack: The Cure-All for your Inter-Office Communication

Slack: The Cure-All for your Inter-Office Communication

If you took your inter-office communication to the doctor, would the visit go like this:



Overflowing inbox

Scattered post-it notes

Itineraries stranded on Word documents

Meeting notes on Evernote

Brainstorming sessions left on napkins

Reminders lost in texts

Reports left on the copier

Slide presentations on PowerPoint when they should be on SlideShare

Face-to-face meetings that forget to include so-and-so


The diagnosis: Inefficiency.


The prognosis: Grim! Inefficiency leads to loss of profit. Loss of profit leads to… death!


The cure? A prescription of Slack.


Slack will change the way that your office communicates. It combines texts, file-sharing, chatting, audio files, emails, and hangouts all into one. With topics divided into channels and categorized with custom hashtags, everyone either in your office or working remotely is able to get every communication to the same place. Go from the hard drive on your desk to your laptop to your phone and back again without missing a beat – everything syncs automatically and in real-time! Save a document on DropBox or your email campaign on MailChimp and watch it automatically appear in the right Slack channels. Continue to communicate the way you want, whether it’s by texting or email, without excluded a less comfortable co-worker.


Cure your inefficient office today with a dose of Slack!

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