What we do best


    We have been developing mobile applications since 2007, and have more than 70 applications under our belt that are available at the different Application Stores (App Store and Google Play).


    At CodigoDelSur, creating websites from scratch is a very enjoyable task for us to take on! We can take care of your project from start to finish, including the graphic design,


    At CodigoDelSur, we enjoy working on games. You need a rad game developed? Bring it on! We have worked on over fifteen multiplatform (iOS, Android, HTML5) games.


    At CodigoDelSur, we know the graphics of any sort of application matter tremendously. That is why we have a great, creative team of artistic designers!

  • Programming & Maintenance

    Due to the nature of our business, we’ve had the chance to work on a wide range of technologies and in various industries. Because of this, we have extensive experience in medical software, stock investment, game industry, education, and many other fields, becoming better professionals each day.

  • Chatbots

    We design and develop cool, smart and responsive Chatbots to improve your client's experience, applying our natural language processing expertise to create more authentic conversations in both text or voice recognition functions.


Agile software development

At CodigoDelSur we work with an agile approach, called Scrum Methodology. This works by splitting the development work in sprints of about 2 weeks. This means developing the product incrementally, allowing you to add any changes that may be needed and adapting the app on the go, while getting potentially shippable products after each increment. This systemized approach has worked well for us.

Our clients provide the product backlog (a prioritized features list). With this approach, it’s not necessary to start the project with a lengthy upfront effort to document all requirements. On the contrary, we begin by writing down the first tasks (prioritized functionality), select a handful that can be developed in 2 weeks and just start working. The product backlog is an adaptable list of tasks that can be modified as needed, once more is learned about the product and its customers.

This methodology and process lets us focus on quality and service, while giving you flexibility by having the opportunity of adding changes, pivot when needed, and be more involved during the entire project. This is an organic process about you and what you are comfortable with.

In conclusion, our methodology gives our clients real ownership of the project and the product. Our loyalty to the custom and the finished product has made us one of the best mobile app design and development companies for Silicon Valley. Contact us today with any questions.

To learn more, here’s a video about Scrum: Watch it!