React News by Codigo

React News by Codigo

This is a summary of the latest news of the React world as well as a place to show noteworthy developments created right here at CodigoDelSur.

React Conf 2017

The React Conf 2017 took place on Santa Clara, California on the 13th and 14th of March. There were many cool talks, covering topics for beginners through advanced, future developments and some fun ideas.

Click this link to find a playlist with all the talks.

For those who are in a rush, we have picked some of our favorite talks that are worthy to take a look at:

MobX vs Redux: Comparing the Opposing Paradigms: Great explanation between the two competing state managing libraries.

Realtime React Apps with GraphQL: Push data and create interactive applications that avoid pulling the server endlessly.

React Storybook: Design, Dev, Doc, Debug Components: An incredible tool to develop components in isolation, helping with the debugging and documentation. Ideal for sharing components between projects and for distributed teams.

Goodbye Flatland! An Introduction to ReactVR 😮: Create something completely different with VR, for example instead of creating an image carousel, you can create a VR gallery where people can move to see the images.


Some noteworthy libraries:

react-loadable: Allows loading components in a more intelligent way instead of loading them all together or by route. For example, you can preload a component when the user hovers over a button before clicking it.

connected-react-router: Connects react-router with redux and keep its state in the store.

react-router-page-transition: Highly customizable page transition component for your React Router.

react-toolbox: Large set of components created following Material Design Guidelines.

faker-json-stream: Utility to generate massive amounts of fake data, with customizable structure. Ideal for creating fake API data.

react-boilerplate: Powerful boilerplate with may customization options. It has a folder structure ideal for large projects and it uses styled-components to style components.

React Showcase

These are some cool developments that showcase the power of React:

parallax: 3D effect with amazing performance.

Made with React: Gallery of sites and components created with React. (checkout the Tetris one!)

Create React Native App: The equivalent of create-react-app, but for mobile. It can be used in Windows and OS X and it doesn’t require Android Studio or XCode 😱


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