The importance of team work in the office place, no matter what field you’re in, is immeasurable. Collaboration with coworkers stimulates creativity and welcomes a variety of perspectives and subsequent ideas.

Some project managers in an attempt to maximize efficiency will assign single-person projects to reduce communication overhead- the time employees spend articulating collaboration- as much as possible. Effectively driving individual project ownership with single person assignments, employees typically not only enjoy themselves less than working on a team with more pressure, but solo projects also typically are much more linear.

This problem with a lack of depth on solo missions is often compounded by slower project momentum, only further depleting morale. And morale is imperative to accomplishing goals, but is also easier to maintain on a team because the lows experienced are more demoralizing to a single-person assignment.

Take software development, for instance. The determining the right coding needed to achieve desired results is much more fun with a partner. Gaging and alleviating bugs and working out any kinks is put in a much better context with team and/or individual collaboration. Moreover, accomplishments are much more rewarding when the comradery of accomplishment is celebrated with others.

CodigoDelSur mobile app development, for one, encourages this kind of team collaboration. Every two months, their production teams meet to demo two projects they are working on and encourage thoughts and feedback. This simple principle drives collaboration, inter-office bonding and boosts morale across the company. They therefore have higher employee retention- crucial for productive efficiency.

Employing teamwork on projects rather than solo projects is crucial to production and morale. This ultimately makes for a better work environment to ensure better employee retention, crucial to a company’s reputation as productive and efficient.

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