TRAIN TRAC by Milc Group

About This Project

On-farm onboarding and training has never been this easy and effective.

Why choose train trac™?

Self-manageable content
Manage your staff’s training by making use of our ever-growing library: Initial content covers Milking, Maternity and Feeding.
If you can’t find what you need, you can always create your own content with our easy and intuitive creator tool.

Interactive learning
Check your staff’s understanding of what they’ve learned with easy-to-build quizzes: Multiple choice questions, True-or-false, All correct statements, Reorder and more! Each and every one of them fitted with triggerable audio aids.
Use text or pictures in different combinations to best fit your staff’s needs!

Hierarchical organization
Manage groups of users with the same training needs in the most intuitive way: by replicating your organization’s structure.
Define positions by the tasks they have to perform and the skills they need to be successful, so every user understands what they need to do and who they report to.

Skill-based delivery
Say goodbye to user lists: With our skill-based platform, users with the same skill needs will automatically receive the same training, no need for manual enrollment.
Keep it consistent throughout a set of tasks, know what to expect from your staff at all times without surprises.



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