About This Project

The Sullivan Group is an online course website for doctors aimed at the legal side of medicine. We have worked for almost 10 years on multiple functionalities of the site, creating new sections and improving the performance of others. Today we continue working side by side with this client. Some of the tasks we developed for the site are:

– Unified course: Database structure re-designed to improve performance.
– Course edition utility: Created an online course editing utility with a WYSIWYG, where doctors can create their own courses in a user-friendly interface.
– Unified gateway: Created a gateway system so The Sullivan Group can sell to multiple hospitals a customized (colors, fonts, banners, etc.) system with their courses.
– Risk Safety Quality: A program The Sullivan Group sells to hospitals, which contains pages with information. The whole program and pages were created and designed by us.

Now, we’ve developed the OB Audit, a medical auditing system in the areas of gynecology, maternity and pregnancy. This system counts with administrator and auditor sites that feature dynamic forms which, according to the different answers the auditors provide, adapt based on a complex logic branching configurable by the administrators.

The system supports multiple organizations, with their relevant forms, and a group of hospitals that can be distributed under different layers. All can be set up by a super admin that manages the whole system setup. The sites also include reports and graphics that provide a friendly and intuitive vision of the audit results, easily detecting the strengths and weaknesses of the doctors.

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Ajax, ASP, HTML/CSS, IIS 6.0, JavaScript, jQuery., SQL Server 2005