About This Project

We worked for Skout, with Christian (Co-Founder) and Niklas (Co-Founder) for over two years, full time. They came to us with the first iPhone version of Skout.


At that time the app was gaining traction and they had some thousand users. They were having severe crash problems (crash logs) and performance issues they needed help with. That was our first task: we worked with them on solving bugs and improving the performance.


After that was done, we started creating new functionality to Skout, adding features and starting the iPad app from scratch. We worked with them for two years, full time, helping them make Skout from an app that was used by some thousand users to an app that handled several million users.


On the year 2012, after raising a 22 million dollar investment from Andreessen Horowitz,  they created their own internal development team which continued the work we had done.


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