About This Project

Cortexa is a home management technology. With this software a user can manage their house from virtually anywhere, even when they’re not at home. It comes with a special hardware to be installed at the house, and a user interface that can be accessed from any pc, mac, or mobile device.

Some of the functionality it offers are: light control, thermostat control, security (alarm set up), irrigation, leak detection, cameras, audio, weather forecast, modes setup and programming

We worked side by side with the client for almost seven months to developed some sections of the Energy Saving edition released on July 2011.

The project begun with the weather forecast service, that consisted in finding a proper free online weather provider and integrating it with the Cortexa software.

We also developed the mode system, which is one of the featured functionalities of the new version. This system allows one to set up “different modes” for the house. Each mode has a group of dispositions that sets default temperatures, lighting, and irrigation when the mode is activated.

We also helped them develop a prototype to present for a hospitality project, being Cortexa’’s next big challenge in this industry: to develop a similar system for hotels.

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