About This Project

Attention facility managers and property owners: do you want to save yourself time and money? Do you need a simple tool to help you identify maintenance issues fast, check on landscaping tasks, and coordinate quick solutions with other staff members, vendors, employees, or tenants? Common Areas is the solution to the problems you have at your location today and the challenges coming up tomorrow.

We developed this iPad app from scratch. Common Areas is an easy to use application designed for anyone dealing with tasks or issues where a location is involved. It is great for property and facility managers as well as the vendors who work with them and it enables them all to interact and instantly resolve any maintenance issues. With a simple tap and swipe of the finger most of your problems can be quickly assessed, assigned, and addressed in a matter of seconds, saving you considerable time and money.

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address book, AFNetworking, Core Data, core location, google map, Objective-C, SDWebImage, simpleCam, SVProgressHUD, testflight