About This Project

What’s the point of learning if you can’t remember it the next day? Study smarter, learn faster, and remember information longer with Cerego!

Cerego, which is backed by neuroscience and learning theories, has a massive, free database of thousands of educational courses from bird songs to SAT vocabulary words. And if you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can create your own! Cerego keeps you active in your education by telling you not only when it’s time to study, but how to do it!


Accounts, AdSupport, AFNetworking, AndroidAnnotations, AppsFlyer, AudioToolbox, AVFoundation, CFNetwork, CoreData, CoreGraphics, CorePlot, CoreText, FacebookSDK, FlurrySDK, Foundation, FTUtils, Genymotion, Intellij IDEA 13, iOS version: Mathjax, JUnit for Android, MediaPlayer, MessageUI, MobileCoreServices, ORMlite, QuartzCore, RestKit, Security, Social, SOCKit, SQLite, StoreKit, TestflightSDK, TransitionKit, UIKit. Android version: Java + Android SDK, Volley