Monday is an Apple Holiday!

Monday is an Apple Holiday!

Monday June 8th is an international holiday. Not because June is Cataract

Awareness Month and Great Outdoors Month. Not because it’s World

Oceans Day. Definitely not because it’s Kanye West’s birthday. June 8th is

the 2015 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). This year in

San Francisco, California, people from all over the world will get together to

learn about coding and be the first to hear about Apple’s next big

announcements for both developers and customers.

Some of the conference sessions have detailed names such as “What’s

New in Web Development in WebKit and Safari” and “Monetize and

Promote Your App with iAd.” Others are infuriatingly unspecific like the

“You’ll Be Talking About This One” session, “Patience is a Virtue,” “Mind =

Blown,” “And Now for Our Next Trick,” “It’s Gonna Be Awesome,” and

“Session Name Redacted.” Apple likes to keep us all in suspense, but we

have a few clues about what’s in store for us:

Three Things We Know About WWDC 2015:

1. The Developer Tools sessions will focus on the new programming

language, Swift, which was first announced at the 2014 WWDC


2. Attendees will learn about how the Apple Watch was designed.

3. Those interested in learning about Apple designs can attend a

presentation about animation.

Three Rumors About WWDC 2015:

1. Apple might be introducing their own music streaming service that’s

similar to Pandora and Spotify.

2. Now that it’s competing against Google’s “Google Now” smart

assistant, Siri has to get smarter. The hope is that Siri will be able to

predict what information you need even before you know you need it

by accessing user data like location, calendar, and even daily habits.

3. One rumor is about what we won’t be seeing as opposed to what we

will. Because of stalled negotiations over contracts, the next version

of the Apple TV is expected to be postponed.

Don’t worry if you can’t make it the conference. Every day you will be able

to live stream select sessions, and the videos will be available on Apple’s

website or the official WWDC app which – unsurprisingly – you can find on

the iTunes store now!

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