The Mesosphere open source Apache Mesos project announced the first data center operating system. Rather than a centers machines acting independently of one another, this OS ties them all together to function in conjunction. The operating system operates on the scale of the entire data center from atop the facility.

With this, the OS enables administrators to treat all of the resources in the data center as a single entity, rationalizing management resources. This ultimately allows administrators to spin servers and software up and down much more quickly.

Effectively virtualizing the entire data center, this development is monumental for data centers. This creates a single resource, empowering system administrators and speeding up the time it takes to spin up server clusters exponentially, depending on cluster size. It has the potential to consolidate data and function from thousands of machines.

Giving administrators the ability to start multiple instances of any software in the library quickly, they can operate the system from a command line or GUI to command resources from their library. This library can include open source products by default such as Apache Spark, Apache Cassandra, Apache Hadoop and Google Kubernetes.

Additional announcements from Mesosphere include funding of $36M in Series B funding from Khosla Ventures. It also announced for the Series B funding from Andreessen Horowitz, Fuel Capital, SV Angel and other unnamed investors, upping the total investment to $50M.

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