Meditation + Technology = A Better You

Meditation + Technology = A Better You

Five rhetorical questions:

1. Do you need to improve your mindfulness, attention, awareness, focus, or


2. Do you experience stress, depression, irritability, or anxiety?

3. Do you want to have more control over your actions, your thoughts, and your


4. Do you struggle with muscle pain, high blood pressure, an addiction, or

respiratory issues?

5. Do you want to slow the aging process and live a longer, more fulfilling life?

If you answered “yes” to any or all of the questions above (of course you answered

“yes”!), then meditation apps like Headspace are for you.

Free and fun, meditation improves the body from head to toe, inside to out. Andy

Puddicombe, the inventor of the Headspace app, used to be a Buddhist monk. He took

what he learned as a monk, geared it towards busy, tech-savvy people like yourself,

and created a personal training app accessible on the internet or your mobile device

(online or off).

Programmers, whatever your personal and professional goals are, undoubtedly you’re

more likely to reach them if your focus and attention are improved and your stress and

irritability are decreased.

Join the million other Headspace users. Grab a fellow programmer friend and use the

app to track each other’s progress and earn awards. If you meditate 10 minutes a day

for 10 days, according to neuroscientists the physical structure of your brain will change.

In less than two weeks your stress management will improve, you’ll generate new ideas

faster, and you’ll be less likely to get distracted and bounce between tasks at work and


Three more rhetorical questions:

1. Are you on the internet right now?

2. Do you use apps on a daily basis?

3. What are you waiting for? Download Headspace and start meditating today.

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