Impact Matters

Impact Matters

In a very small country like Uruguay, there is little chance to have world-level influential people visiting us. Even harder, in our sector, software development, as Uruguay is certainly not in anyone’s radar in this industry.

But this is how the world is. We don’t complain, being theĀ “Grumpy dwarf” of the world has never been and is not our style. The thing is, as a typical Uruguayan trait, we always try to do things that will impact the rest of the world, that’s our little grain of sand.

The other day, we went to the first Saleforce community event ever done in Latin America, Punta Dreamin’. And yes, you got it right, it was held here in Punta del Este, Uruguay, our main beach resort. This event had several Uruguayans as members of the core organization team, among them our friend and colleague Aldo Fernandez @aldoforce and we witnessed the great effort and dedication that Aldo put into this event.

Punta Dreamin’, that took place at the grand Conrad Hotel, had over 12 international speakers, leaders of the Salesforce community, evangelizers of the world. Our team has had the chance to assist several events in different parts of the world; from San Francisco to Helsinki, Hamburg, Moscow and many others. Let me tell you, certainly this event completely fulfilled our expectations and we’re very proud to have been sponsors.

One special mention to the final keynote done by Zachary Jeans @ZacharyJeans where, in a tremendously moving and motivating speech, he told how each thing we do, no matter how small it is, has impact, and how each positive action done, sooner or later will spread and grow.

So, without a doubt, as Zachary mentioned, this Salesforce event will have its impact, and its impact will matter. When, how, where, and who? We will know this with time, but what we proudly say now is: we were there.

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