How “Big” is Apple?

How “Big” is Apple?

Apple products have become internationally ubiquitous in the past decade. The iPod

Shuffle in 2005, the MacBook in 2006, the iPod Touch and iPhone in 2007, the App

Store in 2008, the iPad in 2010, and now the Apple Watch and the iPhone 6 with 3D

touch, all of these products are as common in the home as toasters!

Trying to imagine the size of Apple as a business is like trying to comprehend the size

of the Milky Way. A light-year is 5,676,000,000,000 miles and our galaxy is about

100,000 light-years across! It’s just impossible for the human mind to wrap itself around


While your brain struggles to imagine those numbers, consider these startling statistics

that illuminate how much Apple has grown in just the past ten years:

1. In 2004 the company was worth 8 billion dollars. As of 2014 it’s worth 180 billion!

Their income hasn’t doubled, tripled, or quadrupled, it’s duovigentupled! It hasn’t

multiplied by two, three, or four, but by 22!

2. Apple is bigger than Google, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, Netflix, and Yahoo. It

could buy Ford, General Motors, and Tesla and still have $41 billion in the bank!

Right now it has more operating cash than the entire United States Treasury!

3. Originally there were only 16 apps. As of June 2015 there are 1.5 million.

4. Apple has more money than all but 25 countries. 2013 South Africa, for example,

had a gross domestic product of $596 billion. If Apple was a country, its GDP

would be $640 billion!

5. 13 million iPhones were sold the first weekend that the 6 and 6S came out. When

you do that math it comes out to 3000 phones per minute—50 per second!

The word “apple” used to conjure the image of Eve and the serpent in the Garden of

Eden, or Snow White falling asleep after biting a poisoned one. But for the past decade

and the foreseeable one, “apple” will be synonymous with invention, innovation and

exclusivity. And, undoubtedly, profit.

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