Game Descriptions

Game Descriptions

Game #1 (Peakour):

Codigo Del Sur has reimagined what gamers can control! Customization used to be

limited to choosing if you want to play as “the red guy” or “the green guy.” Gamers used

to be confined by the makers’ imaginations when it comes to what game levels are like.

You used to be able to play a game with a friend at the same time but Codigo Del Sur

has gone beyond that. Steer your player through the levels collecting points to earn new

lives, avoiding pits, and unlocking new worlds. Unlock enough levels and you earn the

right to invent your own! With Codigo Del Sur’s games you can not only create new

worlds for your character to play in, but share those worlds with friends who play the

game, too! This unique approach to gaming transforms player into creator, and adds a

social element that makes it twice as fun!

Game #2 (Paper Boats):

Codigo Del Sur’s games involve problem-solving and rescue missions! In this one, the

good guys have to outwit the bad guys in order to make it from perilous water to dry

land. When the character drops out of a waterslide there is only so much time to get it

across the water. It can’t float, it can’t swim, but it can bounce high enough into the air

that, if timed correctly, a flying piece of paper can catch it. That paper magically turns

into a boat – but watch out because that boat can be overturned by zombies that want

to recruit more of their kind!

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