The eighth edition of our React newsletter!

The eighth edition of our React newsletter!



By Juan Andrés

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React and bindings

A common pain point for React developers is “binding” the “this” keyword. Usually, when using a function inside a component, access to “this” is needed. React doesn’t bind the function automatically. This is done on purpose to avoid the expensive bind operation when it’s not needed. However, this has opened the floodgates for discussion on what’s the correct way to do it.


React as a PWA

Progressive Web Apps are gaining traction as a solution for several apps in different scenarios. They provide features that were previously impossible to get from a web application, mimicking the behavior of native apps.
  • Progressive Web Apps with React.js: A 5-part series on creating a PWA with React, finishing with a real case study. Written by a Senior Google engineer.
  • ReactPWA: A boilerplate for creating a 100% PWA with React. With excellent documentation, it can greatly help accelerate development.


Tools and libraries

  • PlopJS: React (and specially Redux) can potentially require a fairly large quantity of boilerplate. This templating tool helps by providing an easy to use and powerful templating system. With it, developers can have confidence in the consistency of their code, even when working on large teams. It’s also the templating engine used in react-boilerplate.
  • date-fns: Working with dates is always a crucial aspect of any language. While in javascript there has been widespread adoption of Moment.js, its functions are not pure. If we want to take advantage of all the benefits purity can give us, we can use date-fns.



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