YOU+’ mobile health system app is revolutionizing how smartphone users are staying on top of their health. Complete with daily, personalized advice, ‘YOU+’ app is an electronic nutritionist, trainer and sleep coach, all-in-one. Your eating, sleeping and exercise habits are the foundation for your complex, interconnected system determining how healthy you are. ‘YOU+’ app helps you keep this foundation stable.

Developed by CodigoDelSur, the iOS and soon to be released Android ‘YOU+’ app lets you establish a fitness plan built for your goals with a customized plan based on your health assessment. Serving as a guide to your workouts, the program is designed to focus on variety, order, and progression of exercises for optimum insulin efficiency. But exercise is not effective without proper nutrition.

‘YOU+’ nutrition planner is perfect for subsidizing your physical fitness. Even if you aren’t home and nutrition tracking can prove a little more difficult, the restaurant finder will help you find restaurants around you and which selections are best for your nutrition plan and health goals.

And just like an engine, your body only works best when firing on all pistons. And sleep is an imperative component to your full body health, which ‘YOU+’ helps you get the most of, effectively.

In doing so, it helps you track your sleeping habits and its overall effect on your fitness and nutrition with our built-in sleep tools, implementing behavioral therapy. With a direct correlation to your gastrointestinal hormones and insulin efficiency, a better night’s sleep is an essential component to overall health. Maximize your sleep with YOU+.

Electronically instituting algorithms from the Stanford Medical School, the app offers a revolutionary concept to keep you energized and informed each and every day. It even lets you stay on top of insulin efficiency, important to everyone- not just diabetics. Poor Insulin Efficiency can pull you away from your desired weight and increase your risk of multiple diseases including heart disease and cancer.

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