Apps and Vertical Markets

Apps and Vertical Markets


A brief summary of every Business 101 course: do not try to sell your product or service to everyone. Market it directly at the people who will want to buy it! Software, web and mobile app developers understand that making profit depends on this concept. It requires utilizing a vertical market.

Contrary to a horizontal market, which offers a broad range of goods and / or services to customers with a wide range of needs, vertical markets focus on specifics. A specific customer, profession, industry or trade. The advantage of using a vertical marketing technique to advertise an app is efficiency. Knowing the specific target speeds up the process of identifying ideal locations, physical, online etc. in which to advertise. A horizontal market concentrates on women while a vertical market singles out, for example, women interested in understanding and tracking their health—specifically their fertility.

The CodigoDelSur fertility app, Kindara, dating app, Skout and the photo sharing app, Sharalike, are all aimed at specific customers. This marketing technique can’t be underestimated. Before you can sell a product you have to identify and understand the target audience and consumer trends. And right now some hot topics consumers are interested in include health, dating and shared images!

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