Apple Unveils iPhone 6S and 6S Plus

Apple Unveils iPhone 6S and 6S Plus

In a two hour presentation on September 9th, Apple confirmed what’s new and what’s

improved about the next version of the iPhone. Its creators bragged that the phone’s

performance is faster, but also more energy efficient. Here’s what you’ll get with your

new silver, gold, space gray, or rose gold $200 6S or $300 6S Plus:

-iOS 9, which is Apple’s most up to date operating system.

-Although it weighs basically the same, the new phone is made of an aluminum alloy

typically used in the aerospace industry.

-Stronger glass.

-Called “3D Touch” instead of “Force Touch,” the time-saving, pressure sensitive screen

will allow you to launch small submenus so that you can simply glance at messages,

photos, websites, and emails without switching apps altogether.

-Public transportation routes included with the Maps app.

-A smarter Siri with customized predictions.

-A 12 megapixel camera.

-An upgraded Touch ID sensor.

-An optional Low Power Mode to save battery power.

Apple’s announcement came with few surprises, but that doesn’t mean that the iPhone

won’t be exceptionally profitable. “Apple gets a lot of credit for being innovators, but it’s

about how they execute and improve what already exists,” said Gartner analyst Tuong

Huy Nguyen. “Everyone (Apple, Google, Samsung, Microsoft, etc.) uses the same

ingredients, but a great chef can use them to make a better meal.”

Consumers can order a new phone starting September 12th, or pick one up in stores

starting September 25th.

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