Apple Premieres Big Ideas at the WWDC

Apple Premieres Big Ideas at the WWDC

Like movie stars on the red carpet, developers should also be celebrated at

the premieres of their work. Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference

(WWDC), which took place in San Francisco on June 8th, is perhaps the

industry’s version of a big movie premiere. There, developers are the stars!

Apple’s Senior Vice President Phil Schiller started his message at the

conference by reminding developers and consumers that when the iPhone

was launched eight years ago it had no app store! When the store came

out in 2008 there were 500 apps, and now in 2015 there are over 1.5

million! The conference hosted over a hundred sessions and over a

hundred and fifty labs for developers. Apps have become bigger and more

important than ever imagined, according to Mr. Schiller.

The conference gave several sneak peeks at upcoming Apple innovations,

including Apple Music, OS X El Capitan, and the new and improved Siri for

iOS 9, among others.

Apple Music

ITunes has observed the pros and cons and consumer needs of other

streaming services and come up with Apple Music. Apple Music will include

not only a catalog of mainstream and independent music, but also projects

by brand new artists venturing out into public for the first time. Apple

intends to treat all music like the art that it is! Additional Apple Music

features include on-demand streaming of iTunes songs, recommended

playlists, and a worldwide 24/7 radio show.

El Capitan

The El Capitan operating system brings two new tools to mac users. First

there is Split View which will allow two apps to run side by side on the

same screen. Second is the Spaces Bar. It allows users to create multiple

desktops. You will be able to switch back and forth not only between

software programs but between different desktop setups!


In response to Google’s new virtual assistant, Apple is making Siri 40%

faster and 40% more accurate. Additionally she will also be able to search

not just online, but in the user’s apps as well. If you ask Siri about the

ingredients of your favorite cocktail, she will send the information right to

your favorite recipe app!

Famous astrophysicist and cosmologist Neil deGrass Tyson said in a

recent interview that iPhone apps are as important to civilization as the

invention of the microscope and the telescope. Clearly it is the developers,

not the movie stars, who deserve red carpet recognition!

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