An Apple (App) a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

An Apple (App) a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

When the Apple Watch was released in April 2015 it skyrocketed to the top of the

wearable tech industry. Optimized for health buffs, both fitness tracking and a heartrate

monitor come standard with the smartwatch. When paired with an iPhone 5 operating

with iOS 8.2 or higher, the smartwatch receives notifications, text messages and phone

calls, acts as the iPhone camera viewfinder, operates Apple Pay, and it can transfer

data to any iOS or OS X device. 8 gigabytes of storage allow for apps, music, and


Apple Watch’s health-oriented capabilities are really what have made it a bestseller. It is

quickly becoming a favorite for the health-conscious consumer. Contrary to the popular

cliché, an apple a day doesn’t necessarily keep the doctor away! And few health experts

would argue that it should! Even the healthiest people are still encouraged to get regular

checkups. But thanks to modern technology, brief checkups might be all that they need.

CodigoDelSur has enhanced the popular, doctor-designed personal fitness, nutrition

and sleep system, You+, for use with Apple Watch! This time-saving mobile health

coach in the palm of your hand can now be strapped to your wrist! Download it now to

improve your health, manage your meals and sleep, start an exercise program and

control your weight.

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