Agricultural Week in Montevideo

Agricultural Week in Montevideo

The 90th anniversary of Semana Criolla (Annual Agricultural Festival) took place during spring

break here in the Asociación Rural del Uruguay in Montevideo. This annual event focuses on the culture

and customs of the rural population in Uruguay. The best riders and horses of the country compete in

the arena for prizes, while being praised by the audience.

The public was able to enjoy some great rural cuisine (meat, stews, wine, and mate). The festival

opened up with a parade with the participation of all the players in the event on their horses. There

were over 300 stalls of the most diverse items from the local artisans. Also, many local winemakers

came out to share some of their delicious wine!

This annual event is great for a fun family day out! The petting zoo which includes pigs, cows,

horses, geese, and donkeys is a big hit for the children. While the wine is a big hit for the adults! ¡Viva la


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