A Proud Partnership with Tumml

A Proud Partnership with Tumml

Where charity meets entrepreneurship. Where profit is a welcomed byproduct instead of the first goal. Where new companies find the resources to get started. Where civil activism intersects with all things digital. That is where Codigo Del Sur’s new partner, Tumml, lives. Yiddish for “shake up,” Tumml aims to do just that with Urban Innovation!


Tumml describes itself as a “business accelerator.” The company invites brand-new companies to a four-month program where they receive twenty thousand dollars in seed funding, face-to-face mentorship, and a variety of in-kind services such as web hosting and desk space. Without Tumml’s help, fresh businesses like Art Lifting, Chariot, Farmery, Handstack, Stigma, and City Heroes would’ve never gotten off the ground.


Co-founders Clara Brenner and Julie Lein’s goal is to support a new generation of urban impact start-ups! Tumml guides companies that are creating products for transportation, education, and a variety of other needs. “From growing obesity levels to a less competitive education system, our generation has a huge number of challenges to overcome. And, in the current economic climate, we cannot rely on government alone to tackle these problems,” Lein said in an interview in 2013.


Headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, this unique company is introducing a new way of business to its community. After only two years they have caught the eyes of Forbes, CNN, C-Span, Fast Company, Venture Beat, and TedX and have now partnered with Codigo Del Sur. The staff at Codigo Del Sur recently sponsored an event with Tumml in San Francisco, California.


Codigo Del Sur feels privileged and thrilled to team up with a great company like Tumml! A big digital salute and a raised glass to Tummel in honor of the many years of effective partnership to come!


For more information about Tumml, check out their website (www.tumml.org), Facebook page (www.facebook.com/sanfranciscotumml) and follow them on Twitter at @Tumml.

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