9 Reasons to Look Forward to iOS 9

9 Reasons to Look Forward to iOS 9

It’s that time again, Apple users! Time to update your iPhone, iPad, your

iEverythings and make them yet another full number better. Here’s what

your tech fairy-godmothers have in store for you this time:

1. Like you, Siri knows the importance of being proactive. She’ll have

suggestions for you before you even know you need them.

2. Security is better!

3. Performance is better!

4. Battery life is longer!

5. Do you take the bus, train, or subway instead of a personal vehicle?

Google Maps has improved public transportation coverage!

6. Apple has a new built-in news app. Instead of switching between apps to

track down information about the various topics you’re interested in, News

will automatically sync everything you want to read into one place!

7. Your iPad will double your productivity by doubling the number of apps

you can use one the same screen at the same time!

8. Siri will be able to search through your personal photos and videos. Ask

about media from a specific month or event and she’ll bring it right up.

9. No longer will you have to write reminders on the back of your hand or

tie a string around your finger. Just tell Siri ‘remind me about this tomorrow

morning’ and she’ll take you right back to that email, that website, or those


‘A better experience with every touch.’ That’s what Apple guarantees. ‘The

more you do with iOS 9, the more you’ll wonder how you ever did without


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