6 Things to Expect from iPhone 6s

6 Things to Expect from iPhone 6s

September 9th will be upon Apple users in less than a week! Consumers expect a lot

from the new aptly named iPhone 6s. All will be revealed soon but in the meantime,

here are a few things that those “in the know” predict will happen:

1. Apple’s next generation iPhone will likely come in a smaller version (4.7 inch

screen size) and a larger one (5.5 inches), since the size option was so popular

in 2014.

2. Hopefully all of the issues with Touch ID will be resolved. The new system should

read fingerprints faster.

3. Stronger is better! Because the Apple Watch 7000 series aluminum is 60%

stronger, it is likely that the company will use the same type of metal for the new


4. Apple Watch’s “force touch” feature is expected to transfer to its sister device.

iPhone user gestures will, for the first time, rely on pressure sensitivity.

5. The 6s might have a rose gold option in addition to the traditional silver and

space gray colors.

6. Some rumors hint that the phone might include an extra microphone. This would

increase voice quality in recordings as well as on phone calls.

Apple fans have great expectations for this new generation. Be sure to circle September

9th on your calendars!

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