World Tour continues…

World Tour continues…


Hi everyone!

We have excellent news! We absolutely love traveling and, since we had such an amazing time in New York and see lots of potential there, we have decided to go to the Big Apple for a whole month. How cool is that?


We want to meet with some of you who we didn’t have a chance to visit the last time we were in New York.

Also, you saw how the last part of the trip went, right? We explored so much and we see that there is much more to discover yet. We want to continue participating at events, meeting new people, creating new partnerships and, as more importantly, finding new awesome projects for our team to work on.


The trip will be from 2 November to 6 December. We’d love to meet with you if you’re in New York during our time there!

You can click here to book a time to meet us there. Hurry up! We promise it’ll be worth it 😉

Also, you can send an email to to let us know about anyone you know we should meet during our time there, and get a special treat from Codigo!

“One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years”. -Tom Wolfe

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